Interview with UnRated Magazine

Interview with UnRated Magazine

The Big Takeover video for The Cut

The Big Takeover video for The Cut

Imperfect Fifth features Molly Drake's Happiness video

Imperfect Fifth features Molly Drake's Happiness video


New Live Video for Up To The Sky filmed by Marie Le Claire at Saint Peter's Church. Recorded by Adam Gold and Mixed by Chris D. Butler

Irene Trudel's Show WFMU (live performance 5/22/18)

The Watt From Pedro Show (on air guest 5/9/18)

KO63 Music "Serena Jost goes to church for her latest album" "It was as if she stepped off a cliff into the musical abyss–and lived to tell."

KMUW-Jedd Beaudoin "a collection of composed and improvised pieces that marry her distinctive playing style with her otherworldly voice."

WUSB-FM Finn Miller 

North of The Internet

ndie Pulse Music

Chaos Control  Digizine

REVIEWS for Up To The Sky:
"The Elizabeth Barrett Browning of classical avant-folk" 
"one could be persuaded that the church was designed with the eerily predictive intention of helping shepherd this one piece of work into the world"

Stereo Embers Magazine
"A Rapturous, Hauntingly Spare Solo Album From Enigmatic Cello Rock Songstress Serena Jost" 
New York Music Daily

"Imagine mixing the sound of Mary Hopkin with the haunting sound of Nico, and you might begin to have some idea what the overall vibe is like. This time around, she stands alone with her cello presenting music that is real, personal, and immediately effective." 

"Up To The Sky is a completely unique experience" 
Ink 19

"You can feel the emotion..."
JP's Music Blog


Live Shots: Dina Regine & Ryutaro Mishima, Cover Photos: Wendy Whitesell, Artwork: Christian Calabro